Hairdryer for Sale on Gon

Has anyone seen the "negative ion" duflatchie that happens to be a Conair hairdryer for sale under DACs? Have we really lost our minds to this degree with this addiction?
Isn't that the purpose behind Brian Kyle's ad? To let people know that a product has been developed that provides the results you describe and to get people to try it. Am I missing something?

yes, absolutely Brian's product will spread the word. as i mention above; as i have not personally heard Brian's commercial product it is hard for me to blindly endorse it but i do 'expect' it to 'work well'.

what would be great; would be for someone 'besides Brian' to post their impressions of Brian's product. so far, to my knowledge, i'm the only person who has actually posted any first hand knowledge about this tweak anywhere.

there were two people who had visited my room; one on Audioasylum and another on the AVS forum, who did briefly confirm what i heard in my room.....but that is it.

there are a few of my friends around the country who have e-mailed me their 'raves' about the hair dryers that Andrew has sent them. but none have posted so far.

i hope that answers your question.
Hi Mike, I should get my gun in a couple of days and I will try to post what I hear.
We talked a few months ago about your sub woofers, I am the guy who lives right next to the Columbia River and has a nursery. Hope that you can stop in sometime on your way to the coast. Also, I am sorry that I missed running into you at the Vancouver show, I was there on Sunday.
Skamok, i remember our discussion and mentioned it to my wife that it would be fun to stop on our way back from Cannon Beach this summer, see you and your flowers.....

i was at VSAC most of the day on Sunday......we likely passed each other in the hallway at some point.

i will look forward to your feedback on the tweak.
Acoustic Revive also makes the Rio-5 that does what seems to be the same thing as the hair dryer, but for three times the money. I will also have the Brian Kyle tourmaline gun version from Extreme Cables by this weekend. I will keep you updated on my findings as well. Thanks Mike L for paving the path to musical truth. The only way to get there is by trial and error (trying new ideas even as crazy as they might sound). I think I will only use the hair dryer when nobody is looking.