Hairdryer for Sale on Gon

Has anyone seen the "negative ion" duflatchie that happens to be a Conair hairdryer for sale under DACs? Have we really lost our minds to this degree with this addiction?
Mike, did the AR Rio-5 have a longer lasting effect? Can it be used on records? The demonstrations I have seen only used cds.

i did not spend enough time in Ron's (Marigo) room to say anything about which is longer lasting, the Rio or the hair dryer. after three months of using this tweak in various forms typically the greater degree of the percieved tweak effect the longer lasting. regardless; the degree of effect of the RIO-5 would not cause me to use it consistently, not a good enough effort/reward factor. the hair dryer ,OTOH, has become essential.

i have not tried the RIO-5 on Lp's. but Andrew has tried it on Lps on recommendation from Joe Pittman, a local Acoustic Revive dealer. Andrew said it has some effect but not that much.
A few days ago a friend of mine and I stopped by Brian Kyle's place in Dana Point. Brian demonstrated the "hair dryer" on several of his discs and a few of ours.

We chose a reference song, listened to it straight from the jewel case - then used the Tourmaline hair dryer. Every time the sound became noticeably better. More natural, less edgy, "cleaner", instruments were separated better within the soundstage. Low level details previously not noticed became apparent.

I liked it enough to write a check and am experiencing similar (great) results in my home system.

All I can say is this is a very worthwhile product.

I am in no way affiliated with this product, or Brian - having met him for the first time a few days ago.
This tourmaline hair dryer thing really does work very well. I put my cd into the Furutech RD-2 demag label up and tourmaline it for the 20 seconds or so. I then flip the disc and repeat the process. This is the only method I have tried so far. First thing I noticed was a more relaxed presentation. Second thing was that the sound stage was more spread out and deeper. I also get a better sense of the size venue in which the recording took place. I just might use the hair dryer even when people are around. Because I can easily demonstrate the difference it makes. I better demo this for my wife really soon for she thinks I have lost it again.
Just tell your wife that you bought the hair dryer for her, but you'd like to use it occasionally for your CDs. (O: