Halcro DM38 vs Tenor Audio 150Hp

Can you give me your opinion on these two amplifiers. Do you have other amp to suggest ?
wow .. two different ends of the spectrum ! and also what I am debating !!.. having experienced both and their sonic signatures..(and having owned a pair of Halcros in the past) at the end you cannot go wrong with either.. BUT, depending on the speakers and components the Tenor will give you a tubier mid and I would think the Halcro may give you a little more quickier smack across the response range. So What do you listen to.. Smooth Jazz, vocals..?.. I would say Tenor.
Pipe Organ Music ? .. large orchestral manoeuvres ? ... I would say Halcro !

Again both are in my book, the best out there in there class( Solid State and Tube-Hybrid), and both will be amazing however they both, as I said above, have a sonic signature that is different from each other.. at the end of the day its what you like better.

In terms of Support Services, again, fantastic customer support for both ..

I also like the Sim Audio W-10, Parasound Halo, for Solid state and VAC, Lamm, Art Audio for tubes

good luck ..

Hey Matt! How goes it? Nice looking system. I love that TV!!!

How is Ottawa these days?

Has anyone seen or heard a 150? What delivery dates are being quoted?

Brian Walsh