Hales Transcendence 8 Speakers

Hi there.Just joined up yesterday.I'm over here in England and hoping somebody can help me,sure would be grateful.There is a pair of Hales Tr 8 speakers for sale here which interest me greatly.The seller has no idea as to the SENSITIVITY of the speaker OR of the impedance either.Can anyone advise me?Are they power hungry blighters?You see I have a wonderful amplifier (Pathos Inpol2 integrated).It is a hybrid amp being a valve preamp and a Pure Class A power amp but only 45wpc.This amp is capable of beautiful and beguiling sound,especially midrange,with efficient,highish sensitivity speakers.Seller offering them at £1900 (GBP) and claims the full RRP was £10,000 when new.Any help greatly recieved. Believe it or not it is 36 degrees C here today.YES IN ENGLAND.Many thanks,Woodpecker.
Dear Mr. Wood--; These great speakers love powerful SS amps. So, if you listen loud and have a largish room; the amp you now own could be a slight problem. As I remember they were around 8k,American bucks,new at that time.I nearly bought a pair 5/6 years ago. ___ 36 degrees??? In my spot on our globe it has reached 100 every day for near 4weeks. They had some high 80's for the tennis 3 weeks ago,no??
they are acoustic suspension and an incredible reference loudspeaker. though they love big power, i have heard them paired with an e40 rogers valve(40w)...amd they sounded great. the room was about 12 x 14.
Incredible speakers, but my 100W tube amp wasn't enough for my large room. Agree with Avguy that they need big SS power. Sensitivity is around 88 dB. Uses the same midrange and tweeter as the T-5 which was reviewed by Stereophile. The T-5 dipped below 3 ohms in the midrange. Final list price was US $11,700 or thereabouts.
You've already gotten all the advice I could provide - great speakers, need beefy amps, were in the neighborhood of $10K US back when that was sort of the high end of sanity. I believe Audio magazine ran a review of them back before it went defunct - I would think there'd be a copy of it out on the web somewhere. In any case, at the right price, they'd be a great buy.

Avguy - 36 C equals 98 F. And 98F to somebody who lives in England is like 115F to somebody who lives in a regularly hot place in the states.
Thanks for the input on the price,when new---I guess the 8k I remember was for a used pair,duh? ----Oh, and the C vs F thing too.