Hales transcendence 8 tweeters

I just bought a pair of Hales transcendence 8 but missing both tweeters,I am aware that the original tweeters are not available and i need a recommendation want to replaced them with? Maybe someone can give me advice.Thanks
Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see how this can work unless you get very lucky. The speaker was designed with the original tweeter. There's a lot of variables to consider. The new tweeter may be more, or less sensitive, which would alter volume and frequency response. The xover may need to be adjusted. The box itself, may need to be modified.... Things like that, and possibly some others as well.
I got mine froom Madisound.

I agree, Zd. To add another variable, the original tweeters were metal dome, the Seas are soft.

But what are the options with no original tweeters anywhere? Myself and others have looked for a few years.
I just installed a pair of VIfa D25AG-35-06 on them and sounds fine to me in a decent volume.I am still looking for the closest possible replacement for the original tweeterS without doing any modification.Thanks