Hales transcendence 8 tweeters

I just bought a pair of Hales transcendence 8 but missing both tweeters,I am aware that the original tweeters are not available and i need a recommendation want to replaced them with? Maybe someone can give me advice.Thanks
"But what are the options with no original tweeters anywhere? Myself and others have looked for a few years."

You're right, you have to do something. I just didn't think it would be as easy as putting some new tweeter in, and that's it. I figured there would be some work in getting it to sound right.
I listened to the T8 last night and played 5 deferent albums{cd} and the tweeter doing ok so far sounds bright but it doesn't bother me much.I connect to krell ksa-80 and ml1 preamp.
What was interesting in my experience is that at the same time I had to change the tweeters, I went to the OPPO and my computer (using the OPPO DAC) for the digital front end. So several variables changed.

I was worried about the tweeters "matching" too. But it all sounds good and balanced to me - I have no complaints.
I wonder what other speakers uses the same tweeter like the one in T8? any ideas.
I don't know how many hours you have on them, but the new tweeters will need to break in. I would suggest 100-150 hours minimum before you judge them.