Half-price "Used / New" Cables

Can anyone shed light on how there can be so many offers here for what appear to be new high end cables such as Cardas Golden Reference for half-price?
dealers never pay anywhere near retail, and sometimes they have overstock and then they unload, there are also people with lots o' dough to drop that change their minds without even listening to some cables. then there are people who know people and have gotten good deals, and finally there are people who lie about the age of their gear.
used high-end audio = 50% savings generally. nothing strange about it at all. reap the benefits my friend!
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I agree with Aroc, that most used high end gear, including cables, go for around 50% of retail. (That is how I upgraded my entire system, (including, conincidentally, my used Cardas Golden Reference cables), in the past 18 months or so.) The minute a piece of equipment is taken out of the box and used, the price drops in half. (Even equipment that is new in the box drops a third in price!)

The only exceptions to this that I have seen are:

A) Items that have just come out (meaning limited supply), and have gotten great reviews. (An example would be the Esoteric DV-50 universal player, but even that is coming down in price now that there seem to be enough units to pop up on Audiogon on a regular basis.)

B) Items from companies that operate direct from the manufacturer, (and have great reviews also.) (Examples of this are the Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD player, and the Teres line of turntables. Both companies are well thought of, and since their products are more reasonably priced to begin with, (i.e. No dealer markup), the price seems to stay up in the 60-70% range, because most consumers (including myself), hang onto them longer.

Yep, you should always try to wait and see what used piece of gear turns up on Audiogon. You can save a small fortune!
Elizabeth no more Prada purses for you! Oh my now you will have spending endless sleepless nights wondering if the labels on all my interconnets are genuine???:0)~
Thanks all. The XLRs I just received appear to be perfect, new Cardas Golden Reference, that's not to say they're not a good counterfeit, but they certainly sound better than the Nordost Red Dawn I'm replacing them with....so. The speaker cable is 3 mos old from a US based seller so I have no concerns there. Unfortunately, I'm being forced to pay retail for my 8M run from preamp to amp so.... That said, I have an 8M run of Red Dawn available :-).
I paid 6500 for my speakers new- used price 4 years later is 2k. Thank god i like them. My plinius amp was 4500 new, used i paid 2300. Hey, bought my $28000 car for 15k /1 year old/ 10k miles on it. Like the car, this stuff drops in value when you leave the dealer.