Hallelujah by Lenard Cohen

What female vocalists have sung this song and on what albums? I know I have at least one rendition of this and can not seem to find it.
While it is Leonard Cohen songs--that particular song is not on there--unless I've somehow missed something.

Ah, you must not know about the Audiophile secret track on the Famous Blue Raincoat CD, that is actuated by the simultaneous use of a Magic Brick, Brilliant Pebbles, a Clever Li'l Clock, and one of those green blocker pens judiciously applied to the trimmed down edges of the CD which has been demagnetized on both sides by the Furutech device: Only when all are used properly at the same time will you actually hear Warnes singing "Hallelujah" on FBR! It is the illusive Track 10. I've never actually heard it myself, but I have faith that it is there if I ever need to. I'm sure it sounds really good too (jaws dropping, and all that).

Freejazz I believe the Cale/Wainwright info to be correct.

Buckley's version is flawless.
Thanks very much Ben

I always loved Cohen's version ... of which, including some bootlegs, there are now many ... and found it interesting to compare and contrast.

It was then the Buckley version that captivated me ... until I heard the version (Cale's) in the movie. Then, finally, following up after hearing it in the movie, the accidental discovery of Wainright's version captured my imagination.

A transcendent song that somehow, at once, captures both the best of Cohen's writing ... and the creativity of each of its interpreters.

A reminder that it was music like this that first attracted me to this hobby!
I'm pretty sure you have to play it backwards to hear the lyrics.

I had a feeling you knew the last key to revealing the holy grail of track 10. I just didn't want to give it ALL away!


PS Beautiful system, BTW. Now there's an SS system I'd like to hear! It strikes back to a similar combination that I found unforgettable from having heard it in late 80's (powerful, clean, bi-amped SS driving large MLs). Raised the hairs on the back of my neck.