Ham Radio Interference from next door neighboor

My next door neighboor has a ham radio with big power amp, ever time he talk on the radio, his voice is all over my phone, tv and my two channels system ( http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?vdone&1081564573&view )I change all my phone to 2.4 GHz digital cordless phone and the RFI Interference is gone, I change my tv to HDTV and Interference is also gone, I try everything on my my two channels tube system, (power cord rfi filter, power conditioner, Dedicated AC with good ground) it will not do a think, his voice is still all over my Carver Al-III when he talk. Is there a way to filter out the ham radio RFI??? Please Help.

My two channel System:
Shanling CD-T100C CD Player
Audio Experience SYMPHONIES Tube preamp
Rogue M-120 Tube amp
Rogue M-120 Tube amp
Carver Al-III Plus Speaker
Carver AL-III Plus Speaker
MIT AVt 2 Interconnect
AudioQuest AQ TYPE 6 Speaker cable
Adcom ACE-515 AC filter

Topvideo, i was only joking but i appreciate the offer. I want to stick somewhere reasonably close to where i am now. I couldn't afford to move all of my audio gear that far : ) Sean
Sean, email me anytime if you ever visit SF, you might see a pair of Genesis in my house.

I know this is an ancient post, but as a former Electronic Countermeasures Officer, there is a top secret device that can solve your issue.

i call it a straight pin.  Get a straight pin and push thru the coax leading to the antenna of the offending radio source antenna , then clip each side of the pin.

problem solved.