Hana ML Phono Stage / SUT

Hi all, reviving an older thread as I'm fiddling with phono amps. I recently installed a Hana ML (upgrade from the SL) on to my Rega RP6, and I have about 10 hours on it. I'm currently using a Rega Aria, and I have some SUT that I'm demoing as well. My general sense is I need some more body with the amazing detail of the ML... I'm looking at a lot of things but curious if anyone has the EAR Phono Classic (or older 834P) with the ML? With or Without a SUT? Or the Aurorasound Vida Prime? Or even a Luxman e-250? Last on my list is the Audio Note Zero Phono w/ SUT... any first hand info much appreciated before I start buying these things second hand just to listen to them. Thanks.


I recently started a thread regarding the same cartridge, with some recommendations in the replies from various people. These SUT threads tend to devolve into arguments over the merits of a SUT in general, so just keep that in mind.

Here is my thread if you want to check it out


When i had an ML, which is an excellent but polite cartridge, i used a Herron … sadly no longer in production. They can be found used around $ 2K ish… used.

ive heard a friend ML w the Fremer reviewed QHW Audio “ The Vinyl “ phono preamp… fantastic sound for $$$$$.

Both the EAR and Audio Note are safe bets.

Enjoy the journey.