Handling Heavy Amps

There are several amps I’m interested in possibly purchasing but I’m dissuaded because of their weight. I’ve had lower back issues so I need to be careful. I live alone. Even if my wife was still alive she would not have been able to help much. Also Children live far. I see that many of you have these 60-100 pound behemoths and I wonder how do you manage. If I buy from my dealer he’ll load it in my SUV. However when I get home it will be difficult to get it out and onto the garage floor where I can place it on my handcart. Then when I get it next to my rack I need to maneuver it out of the box and up onto the rack. I guess I would need to see if my dealer would deliver it and place it on the rack. Probably for a fee. So that may work. But then if I need to paint, move furniture, resell the unit whatever I would need help. I think I can handle up to 40lbs. So how do you handle these amps? Is it a concern for you?  I’m spoiled by my Benchmark 12 lb AHB2. It’s also the reason I’ve been investigating Class D amps. 


I have the same problems as you. Over the last few years I realized heavy amps are no problem if you think about it. I own a hand truck and carpet sliders with a little fulcrum to lift stuff up a couple inches. It is simple. Even boxing and unboxing 150 lb monsters. You look at the box, think about each movement required and you can remove it from the box or put it back easily. Rolling things gets into packaging… etc. all this is last resort. Remember you could easily move it in position and never again touch it.


1) Buy from a dealer and have him deliver and install. Your guy should be asking if you would like it installed, your not looking old enough… hunch over when you talk to him).

2) Give a big tip to the delivery guys (they usually love this and are happy to do it) and have them put the box in front of the position it is in.

3) Hire someone to install … or just carry it.


I would never compromise my audio system for an inconvenience. Once in place the are hundreds of hours of enjoyment in front of you.



 My speakers are Harbeth C7es-XD at nominal 6 ohms. 
Neighbors around me probably in worse shape than me.  
Not interested in Tubes. Been there.

I like the easy relaxed sound of the Class amps which tend to be heavy even though low powered. 

Right now considering the CODA 5.5 Class A which is 45 lbs. Would have to buy online without demoing. 

Why don't you post your hometown here with a request for a member to help you get your new amp unboxed and on the rack.

Worst case would be to leave it on the floor until you could arrange to have some help. I wouldn’t let the inconvenience dissuade you.

@jfrmusic I would help you but I’m in another part of Jersey.
I do like @dill ’s idea though. You don’t want to do this type of heavy lifting yourself. If you pop a hemorrhoid you won’t be able to sit down and listen to your system for about a week. It will be a pain in the ass.