Handling Heavy Amps

There are several amps I’m interested in possibly purchasing but I’m dissuaded because of their weight. I’ve had lower back issues so I need to be careful. I live alone. Even if my wife was still alive she would not have been able to help much. Also Children live far. I see that many of you have these 60-100 pound behemoths and I wonder how do you manage. If I buy from my dealer he’ll load it in my SUV. However when I get home it will be difficult to get it out and onto the garage floor where I can place it on my handcart. Then when I get it next to my rack I need to maneuver it out of the box and up onto the rack. I guess I would need to see if my dealer would deliver it and place it on the rack. Probably for a fee. So that may work. But then if I need to paint, move furniture, resell the unit whatever I would need help. I think I can handle up to 40lbs. So how do you handle these amps? Is it a concern for you?  I’m spoiled by my Benchmark 12 lb AHB2. It’s also the reason I’ve been investigating Class D amps. 


The second AHB2 will give you more volume on your speakers.  On my NS5000 speaker my stereo AHB2 is about 90% of max volume for about 70-80 dB. I like to use the lowest gain setting on the amp. The middle gain setting does get you a bit more granularity on the volume, but it is not as much as I want. It also varies by sources, SACD, tuner, and DAC. Having monos eliminates this important issue for me (I had monos before).

I am debating whether to trade my silver AHB2 for a HPA4 that someone is looking to trade on USAM. I am not going to use the AHB2 anymore and will stick with the CODA amps for my LRS+ and the NS5000. I expected the AHB2 to be great with the NS5000 but it was not as good as the CODA. Though I bet one day I will say that I wish I had an AHB2 around to try something.

If I had my shipping box for my Holo Serene preamp I would jump on the HPA4. Debating now. I use the LA4 on my Livingroom.

If you buy a reasonably expensive component I’d bet the retailer would help you set it up at home.