Happy Birthday Lee Morgan

Today July 10th is jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan's birthday.

If you are unfamiliar with Lee, check out a tune of his called 'Ceora'.
SIDEWINDER ...... One of the best jazz records of all time !
Happy Birthday Mr. Morgan, and thanks for all the great music over all the years.
Certainly one of my favorite trumpet players of all time. For those who have never read about it, the story of Lee Morgan's death makes for a fascinating story:


In my opinion, Lee Morgan was the best ever on trumpet. Although that's highly subjective, there are many others with the same opinion.

If I were to reccomend tunes by him, the list would be as long as your arm; consequently, I'm just going to mention a recent observation. I was listening to "I Remember Clifford" by Lee, which of course is a tribute to Clifford Brown who was another great trumpeter, when Lee's celestial tone came through; it was like a trumpet tone and timbre from heaven.

Enjoy the music.
Palasr...THAT sir, was a great story! For all of you Lee Morgan fans, please read the story in the link posted by Palasr above.

Lee also did good work with Art Blakey and John Coltrane.

Check out the cut 'Party Time' it's on "The Procrastinator" album.