Happy Holidays and Your Favorite Tips?

Yes, I'm being inclusive. 

What's your favorite tip to audiophiles?  Here is mine:


If you are using a subwoofer with ported main speakers, consider plugging the ports and raising the sub crossover.  Even if you don't have a subwoofer, sometimes plugging one or the other can really reduce bloat.  It's worth listening to it since it's cheap and non destructive (assuming you don't lose your sock in the port).


Among Goethe achievements is the way he demonstrate how much blind we are eyes open...And he explained in his "plant metamorphosis" and "color treatise" how we could hear Nature truth through spoken forms and colors ...

@mahgister  , what/who is your picture of?  For some reason it always makes me think of the Lou Reed "Rock And Roll Animal" CD cover.

I choose an image which is a part of myself ...

I am greatly interested by music, poetry and singing...

I am also interested by mathematics...

the image represent alexander Vertinsky , a mythic figure of Russian popular scene as poet, singer and actor ...The "pierrot" figure acting and singing made him a myth , "the russian pierrot"...

I admired the Russian mathematical school and the Russian piano school... And the greatest novel written for me is "the dream of a ridiculous man " by Dostoievsky who explore reality in a more metaphysical way than in his others more existential works... Read it , it is short, and it is a changing life stunning book in the last life period of the writer...

The only writer able to teach Freud something he missed about man ...Jung guess it though and go on over Freud ...The soul....


Here an example of Vertinsky singing :





here a contemporary homage to Vertinsky :


A complete recital here :


wikipedia describe him as russian even if born in Kiev...His parents were orthodox...

This describe well the war between two brothers , a civil war which go on know ...But it is another story too complex for an audio thread ... 😊


Vacuum under your floor standing speakers once in a while. It's amazing how many spiders can live and breed under there.

@immatthewj I think it’s Alexander Nikolayevich Vertinsky

Edit: Ha! I see @mahgister posted while I was trying to remember who it was from previous research on the "pierrot clown."

What a lovely voice he had. I believe I have one of his records.