Happy Holidays and Your Favorite Tips?

Yes, I'm being inclusive. 

What's your favorite tip to audiophiles?  Here is mine:


If you are using a subwoofer with ported main speakers, consider plugging the ports and raising the sub crossover.  Even if you don't have a subwoofer, sometimes plugging one or the other can really reduce bloat.  It's worth listening to it since it's cheap and non destructive (assuming you don't lose your sock in the port).


Vacuum under your floor standing speakers once in a while. It's amazing how many spiders can live and breed under there.

@immatthewj I think it’s Alexander Nikolayevich Vertinsky

Edit: Ha! I see @mahgister posted while I was trying to remember who it was from previous research on the "pierrot clown."

What a lovely voice he had. I believe I have one of his records.

For sure... But many people had a lovely voice too...😊

His performance were expressive mastery dancing around an emotion ... It is the same expressive force over technical formal perfection that dominate piano school for me the greatest ...

Or Dostoievsky works...

Even mathematical Russian style which is expressive and didactic never formal or just pragmatic ...

It is why also i love Portuguese fado saudade and music , a particular form of sadness , and Russian soul sadness another form... Two very expressive art ...

From Portugal ascension at the height of the world as a powerful navigating nation and heroic to a smaller country... It seems to me in the saudade there is sadness and irony about the greatness love and his lost... Richard Burton the incredible explorator and genius in linguitic and in antho-pology before anthropology even existed, admired so much Camoens the greatest portuguese poet he take years to translate his main work... if you want to read the life of a real superman read the life of Richard Burton ... Totally incredible... A genius in the body of superman ...And a love story ...He beat 7 times the best swordman of France and spoke 50 languages...He discovered the Nile source and went alone at the Mecca speaking so well arabic no one suspected him... At this era an englishman at the Mecca would have been killed on the spot ... Try to imagine the iron will , the total self control and the absolute mastery of a speech in the minute details with no accent...He did it another time in the forbbiden city of Timbuktu where nobody from europe never came back alive ...I read 3 biographies so much incredible was his life ...I did no no other man that was at the same time an intellectual genius and a pure warrior...He wrote the first modern treatise on the use of the bayonnet  and write about escrime ...He was able to master a language in a record time ...he live without the prejudices of his time and his relation with his wife by itself is a love movie of the first order ...

I go into too much direction now.... From Vertinsky to Burton ...😁

What a lovely voice he had.

Read “Pale Fire” by Vladimir Nabokov

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em

Tip well. 

“Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.“ Mark Twain


Thanks, Mahgister. I've spent an entertaining 75 minutes reading around the subject matter from Pierrot and Harlequin to Madrugada!