Happy Holidays and Your Favorite Tips?

Yes, I'm being inclusive. 

What's your favorite tip to audiophiles?  Here is mine:


If you are using a subwoofer with ported main speakers, consider plugging the ports and raising the sub crossover.  Even if you don't have a subwoofer, sometimes plugging one or the other can really reduce bloat.  It's worth listening to it since it's cheap and non destructive (assuming you don't lose your sock in the port).


Some syntax awake the reader as your, some syntax with poor mastery put the reader to sleep as mine ...i only hope that my content can sometimnes awake some ...I am not sure ... But reading you put at least a smile on any face ...

Facts are facts ...😊


(On a personal note: Having GF @mahgister infer to another poster that @yoursunruly can create knots in ones’ brain with my ragged references, inferences, and general grammatic garble sets a high bar that may be too far...but, on the other plan...it allows to perhaps loosen the ones’ that I have in the process...


I, too, thought it an odd tweak to plug the ports on a speaker designed to be ported. But one evening I decided to give it a try so I jammed two crew socks into the port of my left speaker to do a scientific comparison analysis. As men my age have a tendency to do, I soon forgot all about it until few day later when tightening my speaker lugs I remembered the socks and reached in to remove them. But as socks always do, one of them went missing. Strange as that seemed, it became even more eerie when I tossed the used sock into the washer, there was its partner clinging to the inside wall. I don’t even want to imagine how it got there and have since given up on tweaks and have learned to just enjoy the music.

I installed one of those devices that lift the tonearm just before the needle reaches the record label. Has saved me from leaping out of my chair for fear of stylus damage.

Communicate with someone smarter than you every day.  Look forward to being proven wrong.  It means you learned something that day.

In my case, this usually happens before breakfast.

mapman +1. Room acoustics. I recently implemented a DDC to my digital chain with amazing results. Preferably utilizing a I2S input to the DAC.