Happy Holidays - Ideas for giving

Happy Holidays everyone,
At this time I want to thank everyone who reads my posts, especially my obsessive anti-fans who reply within moments of me posting anything.

I want to offer up some ideas for giving:

- Of course, build a kit with a child in your family. Speakers, cables, amplifiers, a Roon streamer, a Raspberry Pi based robot, anything! But get your hands dirty and risk a couple of hundred bucks to do something with another.

- Become a patron of the arts by supporting a deserving Internet radio station. I support Jazzcast.ca but so many other worthy stations.

- Support your local music programs and music education. There are programs to help kids buy instruments, to local music education. We are richer because of them.

- Local journalism matters more toay than ever before, please consider subscribing to your local paper.

Let me know your own ideas and ways of giving this season!


Give gold, everyone likes gold???

Lot’s of it too.. :-)

I’m kidding, I ask everyone to be a little more patient with your neighbors.

A "Merry Christmas" and "Thanks for working in these tough times", goes a long ways.

All the AG folks that still have to work for a living.. Thanks for your service, I don’t care what you do... Work is Work.. Enjoy your holiday, share your good fortune, and great driving skills. :-)

I had a bit of a year, I’m grateful.. Thing are good, and there going to get better..

Erik, I bid you and yours, happy and safe holidays...