"Happy To Be Stuck With You!!!"

I don’t know about you, but I can no longer afford to buy, sell, and replace different components in my audio system on a whim the way I used to. Money’s too tight. Those days are over. And it’s such a pain to go through all that selling, buying and moving stuff, etc. For quite some time, I’ve made audio purchases with every intension on keeping the item for the long haul. I’ve just had to choose wisely. Case in point: I’ve used the same speaker cables for over 15 years and still counting. Why of course, I’m not actually stuck with anything, but there is one component in my audio system that I feel confident I’ll be sticking with for the foreseeable future, and that component is my beloved Revel Salon 2 speakers. I’m sure that others have had the same experience with certain components in their system that they’ve had for years, and years with no intension on replacing. Not stuck with, but happily sticking with!!! Happy listening.


I too was going to write a post about how happy I am with my system, that cost less* than what some of you spend on cable upgrades a year. But then I just got busy listening to music, instead.

*to be fair, it includes generous loaners and gifts from forum members here

IF you plan on keeping speakers for a very long time, very long time, (as I have done/will continue to do) you need to think about driver replacement, and woofer cone or cone/coil replacement.

My 15" woofers, paper cones, are from 1958, Electro-voice 15W, 16 ohm. (it’s brother 15K was in the mighty Klipshorns) The cone has pleated paper surround, not foam like modern drivers. Beast weighs 37 lbs.



From eBay: here’s a paper one with damage


here’s a modern 15" with typical foam surround. some people might try to put a 15" paper cone with foam surround in place of the original type on the 15W.


Here’s a proper pleated paper cone/coil kit. At some point they will disappear from stock.


Over the years, I have had a pro replace coil/cones once; I replaced coil/cones once (if you are handy, the instructions on-line make it easy). and I have 1 spare woofer and one spare cone kit.

The electro-voice tweeter and mid horns, phenolic coated linen, are essentially indestructible, however I have a set of replacements just in case.

Crossovers are in a tar filled metal can. Professional crossover people told me to leave them alone. I have 1 spare crossover.

Level Controls, L-Pads, are 16 ohm, just replaced them last year.

IOW, you can’t just sit around listening with a perpetual smile on your face, thinking they will last forever, you need to plan for refurbishment.

My JSE Model IIs (a friend has them now, restored), the largest woofer is a DUAL voice coil. You cannot find one, or a dual voice coil replacement.

The crossover, Infinite Slope designed by Richard Modafferi, is very unique, so a dual voice coil was used by intent.



Some used JSE Model IIs might already have improper single voice coil woofers installed.