"Happy To Be Stuck With You!!!"

I don’t know about you, but I can no longer afford to buy, sell, and replace different components in my audio system on a whim the way I used to. Money’s too tight. Those days are over. And it’s such a pain to go through all that selling, buying and moving stuff, etc. For quite some time, I’ve made audio purchases with every intension on keeping the item for the long haul. I’ve just had to choose wisely. Case in point: I’ve used the same speaker cables for over 15 years and still counting. Why of course, I’m not actually stuck with anything, but there is one component in my audio system that I feel confident I’ll be sticking with for the foreseeable future, and that component is my beloved Revel Salon 2 speakers. I’m sure that others have had the same experience with certain components in their system that they’ve had for years, and years with no intension on replacing. Not stuck with, but happily sticking with!!! Happy listening.


I think it's fine to repeatedly mention your gear if you're especially happy with it.  As expensive as it is a kind of an accomplishment to be that satisfied with what you have.  Plus new people to the forum get to hear about it.

There's also good thing about it. Once you lower your bar, you can live more free.

Having recently acquired my first Revel speakers…the lowly f208, I keep thinking about upgrading. Then I’ll put a Patricia Barber album on the platter and again, the jaw drops. Even if these are their entry level (Performance 3 line) speakers, I may be happy with them for some time. 

I have the b&w 800 matrix bought used they are great.and the salon first Gen they are Harmon the reviews talk about the sound rooms and development and engineers .alot of smart people at jbl.

For me, its my 1978 JBL 4311s. My "upgrading" is focused on gear that makes them sound even better. I have spare drivers because there are no OEM parts since 2009. Fortunately they are built to last with cloth surrounds that retain their flexibility. 

I've had the opportunity to listen to many high end speakers but, for me, no others convey the realism and dynamics of these unique speakers. I still look for alternatives I can afford but so far, no winners.