Harbeth 30.1, odd USA pricing?

I was wondering if anyone knew why the USA importer for Harbeth speakers Fidelis AV has the 30.1 model priced so high?

Pricing in Cherry finish.
U.K. 2,529 Pounds or about $3,915 US Dollars
E.U. 3,150 Euros or about $ 4,145 US Dollars
Canada 5,000 Canadian Dollars or about $4,986 US dollars
The USA $5,990!

I understand about import duties and the cost of shipping to the USA but this still does not explain the $2000 dollar price difference compared to Europe. Furthermore, there is no solid reason why the same 30.1's cost $1000 US dollars more in the USA than they do in Canada.

Also curious is the USA and Canadian pricing of Harbeth Speakers are very similar to each other with the exception of the 30.1 model which is priced a whopping $1000 US dollars apart.

So what do you think? Is the current USA distributor price gouging on the 30.1 model? Or is there some other explanation?
I wish I can answer these questions. I'm just passing along
what I heard from the U.S. distributor during the past few shows
we teamed up on.

All the best,

I hate all the name calling about price gouging, etc.  The reality of a free marketplace is that if there is a scarce item, the market determines the price.

Harbeth has created a beautiful product and has chosen to have a limited distributorship.  The demand for their product is quite high.  The price for their product is whatever the distributor can sell it for.  If you don't like that, then go create your own speaker company.

I don't like paying an unreasonable mark-up any more than the next person.  I don't like it on cars that are in short supply and great demand.  I don't like it on concert or sport tickets either.  But, that's a free market.

Go take your hateful messages about dealers and pricing elsewhere.