Harbeth 30.2 or Falcon Gold Badge

I started my speaker search convinced I should was going to get the Falcon Gold Badges (Madrone 50th Anniversary) been waiting for over a month, which left me too much time to think about other options. Now considering the 30.2 XDs from Harbeth. 

I wanted to get some opinions from the experts here on which you would recommend. To give you an idea of my listening habits, it's mostly classic Jazz and Blues, acoustic music. I sit about 8 feet from speakers, have a Sugden Integrated, a Rega P10, Hana Red Cart. I am auditioning Phonos stages so thats undecided.


Let's hear it!! 





Thanks for the feedback. I listen to alot of that same music so good to know you're enjoying them. I plan to add a KC62 sub to whatever smaller speaker I get. 

I’ve owned both brands. A true comparision for the Falcon LS3/5A would be the Harbeth P3ESR. I have owned every Harbeth minus the M40. I am now using the HL5 and it is my favorite larger Harbeth. I must say that the P3ESR is also an outstanding Harbeth if you want a smaller speaker! This is one of many reviews on the P3 that nails it!


No experience with Falcons but with classic jazz and blues and human voice reproduction, the Harbeth M30.2 is one of the best if not the best. I find human voice to sound more lifelike on the 30.2 than SHL5+, all pre XD models. I’m not sure if the tables are turned with the current XD models.

As Deadhead had suggested (which I agree), it’s hard rock or music with explosive dynamics where the Harbeth will be slightly lacking when compared to other modern speakers. The Harbeth will also not reproduce the nuance and fine detail in the music when compared to ultra-revealing speakers usually in the price range of more than $8k but they will mostly beat them all when it comes to reproducing vocals with organic warmth and richness.

My experience with the Harbeth spans from more than a decade ago with the SHL5 before I upgraded to SHL5 Plus midway through the ownership. I now own Marten Duke 2 and Graham LS5/9. 



Thanks Ryder, nice to hear from a long time owner. In all the years I've been in hifi I have not owned them or quite honestly given them a critical listen. My tastes have changed over the 25 years or so in hifi and these two speaker models seem to fit the sound profile I prefer most over the past 10 years or so. I always remember Harbeth in the past sounding almost too warm, so I like that they've reengineered them to sound like a more modern speaker. Should be a nice mix. 


Yeah I considered the P3, but all the listening I did (online) loved the Falcons a bit more..I am sure I'd be happy with either as both have stellar reputations. Ill check out the video