Harbeth C7ES3 vs XD

Has anyone compared the C7ES3 directly to the XD version? I’ve read about the potential differences but wanted to see what the real-life differences were to those that have heard both. Thanks so much


I'm a Harbeth dealer so I know the differences somewhat well b/t those two.  Feel free to send me a PM if you would like and I'll be happy to help anyway I can.

While I didn't get a chance to compare them side by side, after auditioning both at different times, I felt the XD has a bit more treble and is more airy, open, and extended. In other words, it's gradually creeping towards a more "modern" sound profile. Some might like it, but some undoubtedly will prefer the classic Harbeth sound. Having said that, the differences are subtle at best. IMO, of course.