Harbeth HL5 vs M30

Ok boys, I can't audition either one...no dealer in site. I have owned compact 7es3, so I know the harbeth sound and I want it back, but with more resolution. I have read countless reviews, but I want your thoughts. Yeah I know, use the Harbeth user forum...not a member, this is easier. I will be using a big SS amp in a 23x28
basement with 9' ceilings. The size of the M30 would be nice, but if the HL5 is the sweet spot, as some suggest, I will make them work. Thanks,Mike
If you are seeking higher resolution with great musicality, I would try to audition a Merlin TSM. Otherwise, I vote for the HL5 as well.
If you can't audition, trying to buy a speaker on other people's opinions can be dicey. There are a number of reviews and opinions about how the speakers sound to other people. If they don't give you the confidence to take a plunge, I can think of two options.

If you're going to buy new speakers, contact a Harbeth dealer who appears to carry the full line and see if you can have either the M30 or the SHL5 sent on approval for an in-home demo. If the model you order doesn't work for you, you can return it and try the other. OTOH, if you're planning to buy used, buy either model and see how you like it. If you are not satisfied, you can resell it here on Audiogon probably without any substantial loss.

I own the M30's myself. I play a lot of small group and solo jazz, female vocals of all sorts, and small group and solo classical. I really enjoy the speakers.

Good luck.
Mike, that really is a matter is system integration, but bright electronics will sound bright on Merlins, they play what is fed them, I've never heard them sound bright with tube equipment. That is the plus and minus of highly resolving gear, no place to hide. I do love the sound of the Harbeth's I have heard, and they do appear to be more easily matched to a wide range of amplification compared with the Merlins. Which is better? I actualy like them both.
Just for point of reference I heard the Merlins with Dehavilland gear...they are just not my thing. Jim, I have talked to 3 dealers, basically getting different answers from each. If I had to tally up votes from dealers/ agoner's/reviewers, it seems like it's heavily in favor of HL5. I would prefer the M30's because of their size and soft dome tweeter, but I also do not want a speaker that is analytical sounding or strongly lacking or off putting in some area that would compromise musical enjoyment. All of the reviews I have read about the HL5 Loved it. In 2 of the M30 reviews they REALLY disliked that speaker. They wrote about all the things that make me think the M30 could be a mistake, even though that is the speaker I would prefer to get. I have noticed that the resale on M30's is not that great....leading me to believe its not that desirable. While the HL5 holds its value very well..yet I understand it's probably a more versatile speaker than the M30. Mike