Harbeth P3ESR or Monitor 30?

I’m leaning strongly towards a (used) Harbeth upgrade, and was focussed on the P3ESR until I noticed a pair of Monitor 30s available for around the same price.

My room is far from ideal. Hard floors, about 15'x18', with a further, narrower extension on one side of the longer dimension, and a small window bay on the other. The speakers are set up on one side of the 15' space, and I sit on the other.

I have done some searching and read a few opinions, but if anyone has experience with both, or any thoughtful opinion, I’d welcome your thoughts.


I am currently auditioning both speakers in a similar sized room. In my mind I was convinced it would need to be the 30.2 but the little harbeth stole the show at this house. 

I’ve have owned many speakers large and small. I always go back to the P3ESR. They just do it for me in my listening room. BTW, this review says it all!
Don’t ruin the Harbeths with those ported B&W subs. Not a good match!
donvito....I hear you.In my particular case,I ditched the sub after
the first day of listening and as I said,then pulled both the Harbeths
and B&Ws out into my living room on makeshift stands.That's how I listened for the next two days. My experience was essentially all
about what i was hearing with my own ears. That the B&Ws were
comparable to the Harbeths was my own judgement and ,as I told
the dealer today when I returned the P3s, the P3s certainly sounded
beautiful to me,but side by side with B&Ws were not enough to get
me to buy them. I put to the test the old adage "trust your own ears"
 as is often stated here on Agon and it is true. Trust what you're
hearing,even if it seems ludicrous on paper. Otherwise I think we can
get lost,lose sight of our instincts. Anyway,I'm glad I got a chance to
listen to the P3s in home and returned them with a very high regard
for them. For me,the B&W dm303s proved to be very good,as I always felt they were. Go figure, I paid $300 for them at least 15 years ago. To others ears I'm sure their experience would be different. I did invite the dealer over for a listen,so hoping he will take
me up on the offer.I'd like to get his opinion. Until next time.........

I felt sorry for myself now as I sold my Focal Aria 906,  due to I have to get rid of the hazardous stuff in my living room for my baby daughter.  I pair of bookshelf sitting on a pole couldn't be safe.

Now I have nothing to pair with my tube amp, and I started searching again for bookshelf speakers and decide to set up a tube /bookshelf system in my garage for a man's cave escapement.  To be honest,  the P3ESR is really on the top of my list,  I love the sound of Rogers L3/5A but with Harbeth P3ESR,   it looks much nicer than the old Rogers but still sounds in the same league (if not even better).   Or I can go back to Focal again as their Aria series are very nice and price competitive.