Harbeth SHL5 vs SHL5 PLUS

Hi Guys,

Seeking feedback on sonic differences between the two. Woofer and crossover changed. Have heard that there are differences in bass quality. My main concern is midrange and high frequencies. What are the differences? If there are...I am seeking the one with a smoother, more relaxed top end (non etched...eg...less leading edge and more body in vocals/string instruments). Thanks so much for your help.
I heard the new models at TAVES in Toronto last fall. I don't think the difference is night and day. The newer speaker sounds more transparent to my ears. A cable change might yield a similar magnitude of difference. Say swapping from Cardas Cross to Nordost Red Dawn.

I did not notice more bass but everything sounded a bit tidier. It is a large speaker. Big, warm and friendly. For less money the M30.1 to my ears sound better. I run C7s myself. I wanted M30.1 but in my small room, the C7s are better choice for the low levels that I listen at.

Reality is I could live with any Harbeth speaker.
@Banerjba...thanks for your help. May I ask how large your room is....mine is only 10 x 14 x 9...its treated though. Bass traps at the front wall and 1st and 2nd reflection points on the sides. My amp is tubed at 25w/ch triode and 38w/ch ultralinear.Listen to vocals, guitar, piano and small ensemble jazz. Low to moderate levels as it's a bedroom. What do you think? I have only heard the SHL5 plus. They sounded like what I am seeking...big sound and large vivid instrument size and soundstage. Haven't heard the non plus before...thinking of sourcing a used pair. Thanks.

The HL5 would be too much for a small room like yours,I think you would be better off with the smaller sealed P3ESR. You should stay away from a ported speaker ,they need more room at the rear and side than a sealed one. I tell you this from my own mistakes! Bigger is not always better ! The 3's are oustanding with tubes.
I agree with Yogi. I have used the 3 and 7 in my very small 10 x 11 foot dedicated listening room and the 3 killed the 7. The 7 and 5 are both too big for your space.