Harbeth SHL5 vs SHL5 PLUS

Hi Guys,

Seeking feedback on sonic differences between the two. Woofer and crossover changed. Have heard that there are differences in bass quality. My main concern is midrange and high frequencies. What are the differences? If there are...I am seeking the one with a smoother, more relaxed top end (non etched...eg...less leading edge and more body in vocals/string instruments). Thanks so much for your help.
I agree with Yogi. I have used the 3 and 7 in my very small 10 x 11 foot dedicated listening room and the 3 killed the 7. The 7 and 5 are both too big for your space.
I'm not sure I agree that the larger models won't work in a small room. Harbeths are designed for control-room conditions and they can be very small. However, it is a crapshoot as to which speaker will work the best in your particular room. I think it's just an unfortunate fact of life that, in a normal domestic environment, you don't know what's going to work until you try it. Also, IMO, the HL5s sound bigger and are more forgiving of lesser electronics than the M30s. They are a great speaker in any incarnation.
I agree with Chayro. My room is only 10x11 with 8 foot height and the C7 works great. I also own a series of mini monitors that all sounded too lean at low volumes in this room but fine in my larger room.

The M30.1 is a derivative of the BBC LS5/9 reference monitor. It is very revealing and accurate but sounds bass light at low volumes in a small room. Give it room to breath, and it comes alive.

The SHL5 might be a bit large for the OP's room but can work fine a with amp and source that are not overly warm and careful placement.

The C7 and SHL5 are very forgiving, but neither can match the pinpoint imaging of the smaller models.

BTW, buy the dedicated stands. It is a must for these speakers.
@everyone....thank you so so much for your help. Large full soundstage and vivid image/instrument size is very important to me...besides having a smooth/relaxed top end (excessive HF hurts my ears and gives me a headache as I am extra sensitive to it). Has anyone compared the SHL5 and P3ser side by side before? I have not auditioned the P3ser before. Image/instrument/voice size almost the same? Thanks.
I listened fairly recently to the Super HL5 Plus hooked up to a mega-buck Naim rig. In the treble the sound was definitely not what I would call forgiving, and I didn't pursue the audition for very long. I have no way of evaluating his opinion, but the salesperson stated that he thought this model to be the least forgiving in the Harbeth line.