Harbeth SHL5 vs SHL5 PLUS

Hi Guys,

Seeking feedback on sonic differences between the two. Woofer and crossover changed. Have heard that there are differences in bass quality. My main concern is midrange and high frequencies. What are the differences? If there are...I am seeking the one with a smoother, more relaxed top end (non etched...eg...less leading edge and more body in vocals/string instruments). Thanks so much for your help.
Thanks everyone for your input. One more question...I heard that there is a difference in sound between finishes for the SHL5+...for example...between cherry and rosewood.

That's funny. Canopus drum company claims there is a difference in the sound of the drum when wrapped with different color plastic sparkle finishes. Let me say this - I've learned not to assume someone cannot hear something just because I can't. But there are limits to everything.
I have learned that everything makes a difference but I have not heard the veneer thing myself.

That would be very hard to test unless you could be sure the speakers are in the exact same sport each time. A couple of degrees of difference in toe in are more likely to make a difference.

BTW Sterephile has an excellent review of this speaker in thie latest issue (June 2015). The comment largely reflect what I have heard from these speakers.

I firmly belive if you love the classic Brit monitor sound, these will be your forever speakers. Interestingly they compare it with the large Stirling which is cheaper. I owned the excellent Stirling LS3/5a and can vouch for that company's excellent products and commitment to the BBC sound.
Thanks so much for your input again everyone.

@Banerjba or anyone who has experience with the SHL5+....regarding volume levels...do they sing between low and moderate levels? Or are they one of those who shine and come alive only when played loudish?

Good question. I find all Harbeth speakers (actually most classic BBC designs) play well at lower volumes, especially the larger ones. The slight exception is the M30.1 which sounds a bit bass light at low volumes, although still quite good.

I used to run B&W 700 and 800 series and still own 600 series. The higher B&Ws definitely prefer a higher volume to sound their best. Or a very high current amp if you want to play well at low volumes.I used McIntosh.

Other modern speakers with super stiff cabinets and driver materials also tend to prefer a bit of volume (Wilson, Focal etc) so sound good.

One thing to keep in mind though the SHL is a big speaker so it will not sound as fast as the M30.1 not offer the pinpoint imaging of the P3. But I think it offers a nice full presentation where instruments sound natural and reasonably full bodied in real space.

BTW, not sure if I mentioned, mine took a while ot break in, like over 200 hours. Before that they sound fine but a bit sluggish and slightly uneven.Nothing nasty, just not as musical as after they break in.