Harbeth vs Graham audio

A question for connoisseurs of English sound. as known, the best speakers reproducing perfect vocals were Harbeth. The m30 and hl5 became the idols of many audiophiles. but not so long ago, a new Graham audio player entered the market. Rumor has it that Graham's midrange is just superb. but still. which company is better? who can not be distinguished from real vocals? Who is more faithful to the traditions of bbc monitors?
I own a pair of Harbeth 30.1's and a pair of Spendor S3/5's. While I like the Harbeths much better over all, male vocals sound much more lifelike to me through the Spendors. I haven't heard any Graham speakers.
I am grateful to everyone for the advice, you helped me a lot. as I understand it, Graham audio is still a wild card, and therefore statistical comparisons are still difficult.
No mention of ATC ? Spendor BC 1? 
I auditioned the Harbeth P3 last week.
With all the recent Hoopla I was expecting more.

I had the falcon ls3 15ohm.... I think the Harbeth p3esr slightly more bass response (slightly in this cabinet size)

You buy these speakers for clarity. SoundStage.... Pick up a SH harbeth 30.1 if your amp can drive them... Better in every way and not much bigger footprint overall.
If it was me I wouldnt be fixated about the LS3 thing.... It was engineered for a reason most peoe font have to worry about.... 
I heard the 40.2 and the Graham LS5/9 —or was it the LS5/8? It was the bigger of the two— in the same system one day a couple years ago. The Graham’s have that spike in the presence region. It does bring more life to strings and more perceived detail but I was afraid of that spike (also mentioned in a review of the speaker that’s out there) possibly causing me fatigue some days or in the long run.