Harbeth vs Graham audio

A question for connoisseurs of English sound. as known, the best speakers reproducing perfect vocals were Harbeth. The m30 and hl5 became the idols of many audiophiles. but not so long ago, a new Graham audio player entered the market. Rumor has it that Graham's midrange is just superb. but still. which company is better? who can not be distinguished from real vocals? Who is more faithful to the traditions of bbc monitors?

Sound Signature can be as vast as the stars in the sky, I was in the music industry  through the 70's, 80's and 90's, I have worked with some of the best act's in the business and have heard a many of sound check, stood stage left, stage right and from my personal experience as far as I'm concerned real live sound is almost impossible to reproduce, no matter what the cost or how close it may come. As good as some gear sounds and speakers, you'll actually never know what's missing if you never heard it come through your system, in order to hear a total  live concert with separation you must attend a live concert. (seating is a consideration always) the same as home audio equipment.

I have original Chartwell LS3/5As (with an extra NOS woofer) but my room is big and I like to listen at realistic levels.  They sound beautiful in small spaces and at low volumes..., relative to the room.

I could probably turn them up but don't want to harm them so they never get used.