Harbeth vs JM Reynaud

Hoping for some input. I come from a Spendor perspective (my daughter recently inherited my BC-1s) and currently use Spendor s5e's with a Unison Unico hybrid integrated amp. Sound is wonderful. I have seen all the discussions/reviews of Spendor, Harbeth, Stirling, and ATCs, and I am partial to getting the midrange 'right' (the 'BBC' sound). With a 60th birthday coming up, I've been looking into one last speaker upgrade. With all the rave reviews of Harbeth's, I got to spend some time auditioning the Compact 7's, M30.1s and Super HL5's (not the plus). All sounded great but the 30.1's really seemed like something special. I was able to take a pair home for a weeklong audition, and truly fell in love of what these do. So now the problem. I have recently come across a several reviews of JM Reynaud speakers, including some recommendations on this forum as an alternative to Spendor and Harbeth. These really look like possible option for the BBC sound, but there is no opportunity for an audition, and that's a lot of $$ to buy completely unheard. Can anyone provide some thoughts feedback on how the JMR Bliss Silver or the Offrande Supreme's might compare to the Harbeth 30.1s or Super HL5 plus? My living/listening room is 15 x 25 (speakers on short wall), hardwood floors and plaster walls.
The 30.1's filled my room very nicely. I guess the reason I am interested in the JMRs is that there are the several reviews from folks that have Spendor and/or Harbeth preferences/tastes/leanings that favorably compare the JRMs. In the review here:


The reviewer concludes:
["I am notably monogamous when it comes to loudspeakers: while I know plenty of audiophiles who "flip" their speakers with regularity, my relationship with the Spendor/Harbeth/BBC school lasted from the mid-'90s to 2009. But that relationship has finally been supplanted, and these two brilliant offerings from Reynaud are my new ideal of sound—the standard against which others are measured."]

I know each to their own in terms of the sound they like, but this seem like pretty high praise that at least begs some mental consideration of the JRM Offrande Supreme 2s over the 30.1.

I live in the Chicago area and the Harbeth dealer here is very good. In store auditions were done with Rogue preamp and Cary tube amps. Sounded very good.

Anyways, thanks for everyone's thoughtful replies.
I recommend you buy both and spend 3-6 months listening and comparing them, and then sell the ones you like least. Seriously. It will require the larger up front investment, which may seem radical, but if this really is your last set of speakers then you want to get it right. If you buy both, listen to each pair for a week at a time then switch off, back and forth, one of them will make itself obvious as your favorite and you sell the others. Sure, you'll take the resale loss, but if you buy either one by itself and it turns out to be the wrong choice you'd take that resale hit anyway.

Getting other peoples' opinions is valuable and helpful - I've been there myself - but in the end it won't get you to where you want to go.
I owned JMR Trentes and really loved them. I sold them and got Audio Note E silver (kit) for the more full range sound but always missed the Trentes magic midrange which was super revealing and musical.

Bob Neill is a JMR expert (IMO) he owns Amherst Audio

you may want to contact him

Have you heard an ATC ? I mean a good demo ?
IMO, everything else you have listed and many other speakers discussed in the audiophile community sound false and cooked after one listens to a good pair of ATC speakers. Check it out, there is no harm.