Harbeth vs. Tyler

Newbie here (long-time musician), looking for my first (and hopefully last) real set-up. Planning a system around a Creek Destiny amp for a moderately sized bedroom. Listen to everything from classical to hip-hop, but not at excessively loud volumes. I've heard good things about both of these brands of speakers, and wanted to know if anyone has experience with both of these and can describe the differences. Unfortunately I'm not in a place where I can audition either of them. I'm particularly interested in the compact 7's and the linbrook bookshelves, but would welcome any general comments as well. Thanks for the knowledge . . .
planning a stereo around an amp is often a trainwreck. buy speakers you like the sound of and don't think about the britsound vs the madisound. then ecide if the amp serves the speakers to make them sound their best.
Bartokfan - I did not say that the Tylers are not musical. I'm just saying how they sounded compared to the Harbeths. The Harbeths are very special speakers in my opinion. As far as Sally Reynolds, who cares what she has to say. I would never buy a product based on her reviews. If you really know audio, then you know that you cannot rely too heavily on reviewers. If reviews mean that much to you, then read all the worldwide raves about the Harbeths, especially the latest on the new 7 ES3's.
Newbee good point. You'll never see Seas and Dr Appolito renaming the thor 'thor mk2'. Its a final design. Madisound offers you an upgrade version of the xover, which i galdly pd $150 more. The design has been out now 5 or 6 yrs and its the same speaker/crossover. I think the odin went through a slight revision, so they named it odin Mk2. I suspect Tyler will maintain his designs the smae over the yrs. Ty will not come out with Linbrook Mk2. Now you can contact Ty and he will make adjustments per request in some of the xover values.
All these labs with Mk2, Mk3, MK4's getting you to believe its a total different speaker is something i don't buy into.
Read the story behind the Seas Excel driver. That is a unique design with quite a history to it. Poly midwoofers are a "dime a dozen".
Been around since the 70's. And after 30 yrs I still hate their sound.
Poly midwoofers are a "dime a dozen". Been around since the 70's. And after 30 yrs I still hate their sound.
I assume you are referring to the Harbeth. Harbeth's founder, Mr Harwood (of the BBC) did, I believe, originate the polypropylene driver in the mid-seventies. However, that was significantly changed in the nineties when Harbeth, aided by a research grant from the UK government, developed and patented the midwoofer that is used in most of their leading speakers today. It is called the RADIAL and it is Harbeth's secret ingredient, a major reason the company has achieved its modern-day success. You can read all about it on the Harbeth web site.
Well mark don't believe Sally. Like you I don;t believe mags reviews either. On this one she was correct. In spite of her throwing in a compliment on the Spendor. Which I subsequently heard and totatlly disagree with her on.As I say I am not a fan of the british speaker. But did you read the reviews on audioreview.com, type in Tyler. No you haven't. Neither have you read any of the unbiased comments of Tyler owners on his site and on audiogon's feedback for Tyler. I have the ability to read through hype. been there done that. I can read between the lines. I'm never fooled by hype. I know when its the real deal, and when its voodoo.