Harbeth vs. Tyler

Newbie here (long-time musician), looking for my first (and hopefully last) real set-up. Planning a system around a Creek Destiny amp for a moderately sized bedroom. Listen to everything from classical to hip-hop, but not at excessively loud volumes. I've heard good things about both of these brands of speakers, and wanted to know if anyone has experience with both of these and can describe the differences. Unfortunately I'm not in a place where I can audition either of them. I'm particularly interested in the compact 7's and the linbrook bookshelves, but would welcome any general comments as well. Thanks for the knowledge . . .
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Interesting that the comments made on Ty's open forum line up closely with reviews here and on Audioreview.com.
Ooka ha sto do his own DD and make his decision. Thats how I found my speakers, through hours of research. And I had a good idea of what i wanted and my hunch paid off.
Bartokfan hates the way the Harbeths look, hates the British sound and hates poly woofers... but does not mention whether he has actually heard the Harbeths. Please tell me you are not trashing the sound of a speaker you have never heard just to promote your favorite brand? By the way, the poly driver that "looks cheap" is a made exclusively by Harbeth (RADIAL), unlike others who, for good or bad, use "off the shelf" drivers. Frankly, offhand comments like these inspire little confidence in one's opinion.
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