Hard Audio - Ceramic Speakers

Hi Gang,
One thing I think about both as a listener and speaker builder is ceramic drivers, such as the famous Accutons. I'm talking true ceramics, not sandwiches here. I'll include here hard diamond drivers as well, not vapor deposited diamond dust.

Some of what I've seen is super impressive in terms of specifications, and design far beyond merely the dome materials.

I've never ever been moved though. For whatever reason, every ceramic speaker I've heard sounded cold, clinical, pure without power.

What are your experiences? Have you heard ceramic speakers that made you really feel you had experienced something great?
   My used Avalon Acoustics Eidolons snatched me off the audio merry-go-round just in time to enjoy retirement. I'm guessing its the whole package not just the drivers.
   It turns out most of the electronics that were to solve my dissatisfaction actually worked very nicely through the Eidolons.   

Hey @m-db so what electronics did you end up pairing those Eidolons with?

@audioman58  Interesting!! I'll have to see if I can have a listen sometime.