"Hardly Used / Less than 100 Hours / Took out for pics only"????

I'm constantly baffled and confused by the number of ads I read that say the item for sale has barely been used.  

I try not to be distrustful, but I feel like you're either in this hobby or you're not.  There's nothing more fun than the anticipation of a new piece of gear and what it might do to your system! 

If you have a piece of equipment, why wouldn't you set it up and give it a couple of months.  We all know that it takes awhile for the item to break in, or for your ears to adjust.  

Dealers aside, why would anyone in this hobby own something that has less than 100 hours on it?


Yes I have bought a pair of Klispch RP8000fs in gloss black, they are $2000ish and I got them new for $1100. I wanted to try 7.1 from my 5.1 and also wanted to hear the Klispch speakers. At the time I own sever pairs of speakers that were all well over $10,000. I used the Klispch as rears for a few movies a decided I did not care for 7.1 as my side speakers were a little close to the side seats. I sold them with under 10 hours on them cheaper than I bought them. They were as new immaculate in every way and I sold them for less than 1/2 of retail. It seemed like a big purchase to the buyer and he was happy to have them. 

People just have different levels of income. I was playing with $1000, many people have to money to play with $10,000 (I don’t) and others have unlimited funds, just the way it goes. 

I've got a Hana SL Cartridge with very little usage hours and now unused for approx' 4 years. 

I've also got the original Pink Floyd 'The Pulse' Vinyl that is still in Cellophane, actually still in the HMV  Plastic Bag with the purchase receipt. 

Case in point, I upgraded my Aesthetix Atlas mono amps to eclipse level.  Since the last time I upgraded with Aesthetix, it took 18 months, I bought a stereo eclipse Atlas for the “6 week” upgrade.  Good thing I did, because it took 6 months.  Now the stereo eclipse has sat idle and unplugged for 6 months.  Try to explain to a buyer how you ended up with a stereo Atlas amp that you don't particularly need at the moment.  Life is strange and we do things for mysterious reasons.

I've owned the same equipment for decades but when I had an accident with my system, I basically replaced just about everything but my turntable.  The thing was though, the integrated amp and SACD player I purchased new, while I liked them somehow just weren't doing it for me, and within a few months, replaced both of them.  I boxed up the amp and it sits in my closet and the SACD player sat on my equipment rack collecting dust until recently, well over a year later hooked it up again.  Tried selling both but not really that hard and, I don't know, just sat on them.  Stupid, a waste of money?  Stuff happens.

Thanks for all the replies!  I can certainly see some scenarios where this would make sense.


Some people though are just listing what they own and haven't used, and I guess that's the point of the post.  



@pindac - WHY??  Why did you not open that album and listen to it?  Don't you want to know what it sounds like?