"Hardly Used / Less than 100 Hours / Took out for pics only"????

I'm constantly baffled and confused by the number of ads I read that say the item for sale has barely been used.  

I try not to be distrustful, but I feel like you're either in this hobby or you're not.  There's nothing more fun than the anticipation of a new piece of gear and what it might do to your system! 

If you have a piece of equipment, why wouldn't you set it up and give it a couple of months.  We all know that it takes awhile for the item to break in, or for your ears to adjust.  

Dealers aside, why would anyone in this hobby own something that has less than 100 hours on it?



a less indulgent explanation could be:

that I’m using my cat’s indisposition as an excuse to buy speakers😁


As fer the bunfight

Had a whole speech thunked up pon the subjest of my cats interesting genetics, or his remarkable parents, his own wide roaming exp,oits., his triumph among his siblings to be alpha, and thus the only one to retain his plums...his survival after losing a leg in a dog attack...then i finished both joint and beer, along the way deciding there were better ways to spend Christmas day

Happy Christmas to you all 



Another one I like is "like new".

I've fallen for this a few times when buying used CDs on ebay.

My "like new" must be quite different from many sellers definition of the term.