Harman Kardon HD 7400 Displays E, won't play

Hi folks,

I have a Harman Kardon HD 7400 CD player, recently refurbished and upgraded.

When I put a disc in, I can hear the motor spin up and the display will read the total time and tracks.  When I hit PLAY, it displays a capital E. I assume this means error. No sound is produced. I can't find anything on the net that pertains to error codes for this model. Any ideas? Thanks.


Well I will if needed. I figured I would ask about the situation here first. If it's something really simple, it would save the time and cost of shipping it back and forth again. 

Also, I'm certain it tested out perfectly fine before they sent it to me. This is the third item I've had done through them. 

The others arrived better than when new.

The player has been sent back to the folks who did the work on it.

I'll report whatever they tell me is the problem in the hopes that it may help somebody else.