Harman Kardon T35C Turntable and TCC phono preamp?

Picked up HK T35C turntable in mint condition in original box and and even brochure from local craigslist listing. It's been 15 years since I played LPs on old 1981 vintage NAD/Grado turntable. How were the Harman Kardon turntables?

Any recommendation for good and cheap phono preamp? Came across TCC TC-T750 with decent reviews on audioreview and amazon for only about $50 shipped. Anyone tried TCC phono preamp?

Thanks in advance for your inputs.
Regarding the turntable -- YES! Very nice unit. I've owned the T25, T35 and T55 over the years and they are all perfectly competitive with $300-$500 units of today depending on cartridge.

Regarding the phono preamp -- NO! Look for a used NAD PP1 or PP2, Music Hall Phono Pack, Creek OBH series, Pro-Ject Phono Box or Rotel RQ. You should be able to get one for $50-$150. But even new, all of the aforementioned are bargains.

Without knowing which cartridge you are going to use, it's hard to make any specific recommendations. I would recommend something in the $100 range -- an Ortofon OM10, for example, is a nice choice because if you get into the whole vinyl scene again you can keep the cartridge but upgrade the stylus and obtain improved performance. But there are others as well.

I would call Needle Doctor or Music Direct and ask for suggestions. They will be able to suggest a cartridge and preamp that will match well with your system and individual tastes.

Thank you very much for advices!

It came with Grado MF-1+ cartridge. I also have old Shure IV, ADC and Ortofon cartridges.

Thanks again

Have you had any experience with the PPC phono preamps? I own about 5 of them (3 different models) and while they are not SOTA they are certainly as good as and a better value than the NAD PP1,PP2, Music Hall and Vincent offerings. In fact their least expensive TC 450 battery powered unit (when using battery power)is surprisingly good when used with a high output MC or Moving Magnet Cartridge. I actually prefer it to my Bellari VP129 when used with my Audio Research CA50/Project TT and Audio Technica AT30HE Cartridge and a longish (2 meter) cable run.
I also have a Cambridge 640e and that is the first step up the price ladder that sounds significantly better IMHO.