Harmon Kardon Seven Twenty Nocturne

HI. I just bought a HD Seven Twenty receiver today at an estate sale for $10.00. Considering it's from the late 1960's its in good physical shape. Purchased from original owner. Face is very good except one knob missing and the wood case is in fair but restorable shape. I have not turned it on yet should i worry about firing it up to see if its alive? Based on the color brochure that came with it looks like 1968 and 20 watts rms based on 80 watts ihf. Simple question is what do I have and is it worth restoring. Looks like made in USA in NY. Cannot find any historical info in web searches so far. Thanks. Dave
The chances are very good that the caps are leaking and/or need to be replaced. Additionally, you may want to consider connecting it to a variac and bringing up the voltage slowly when you first power it on.

Your best bet would be to take it to a local fixit shop that has experience with older vintage equipment. They should be able to give you an honest assessment of whether or not it would be worth restoring...

Hi RW, yes I agree that in the shop it goes for a critical evaluation. Just interesting that so little info is out there on these receivers. If it's not beyond reasonable repair Ill probably turn it into a small project. Take care, Dave