Harmonic Tech Pro-9 speaker cable

After reading the reviews on audioreview.com, I am impressed with many of the reviews on this cable. Most of the reviewers however, did not mention the types of equipment used for their auditions. I have a pair of Thiel 2.3's, Pass Labs x-150, and an x-2 pre-amp. Please let me know what your experience is with this speaker cable and solid-state class A equipment.
My dealer tells me he has tried the pro-9's in his system but prefers a double run of pro-11's.BTW he sells HT and Cardas but prefers the double run of 11's to anything else he has tried.
I have been running the Pro 9's with great success in my system which consists of a Wadia 850 directly connected via balanced HT ProSilway MkII to a Levinson 331 (100 watt). I have been tempted to try the Golden Refernce or Golden Cross Cardas cables and found it interesting the David99's dealer liked a double run of Pro 11's better than the 9's and the Cardas. This says a lot for the HT cables. Good luck...
Give the Acoustic Zen Satori cables a listen. They are designed by the same designer that did most of the work for HT