Harry Belafonte passed......

I grew up listening to him, as my parents had lps of him. I was born the same year as his 1st release ( I believe ), and enjoyed the listening time we all spent together. His Live at Carnegie Hall release is a gem, and captures everything, a music lover, and audiophile, want from their systems. He lived a long life. RIP


A true velvet voice, I just may get out my albums tonight. He definitely made his mark in the industry. Rest In Peace, Harry

Mr. Belafonte’s 1963 recording of “My Old Paint” is one of the greatest sounding vocals I’ve ever heard.  
I can only imagine what it must have been like for Bob Ballard to sit in the control room and hear that vocal as it happened.  
Many years of great music, and, more importantly, of courageous and invaluable service to all mankind.  
A great artist and a great man. 
I will be listening tonight.