Harry Belafonte passed......

I grew up listening to him, as my parents had lps of him. I was born the same year as his 1st release ( I believe ), and enjoyed the listening time we all spent together. His Live at Carnegie Hall release is a gem, and captures everything, a music lover, and audiophile, want from their systems. He lived a long life. RIP


My family lived downstairs from The Belafontes in the same building, 300 West End Avenue. He was a friend of my father’s and I have many fond memories of him and his son, David, who I played with.

The elevator broke, between floors, with David and I in it. We rang the alarm. After an hour, or two, they opened up the doors on the floor above and Harry was lowered to the roof of the elevator, removed the panel and pulled me out first. That was just who he was.

On another occasion, David and I were playing and Harry called us in to meet someone. Harry was an imposing figure so there was never any blow back. He introduced us to Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior. Surely, one of the high points of my life.

RIP Harry. You were a great American. When they made you they broke the mold.

His "Calypso " album was in constant rotation 

in our living room as I grew up.