Harshness in Midrange??? Any Help

I currently have the following system in place and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to get rid of a slight "harsh" sound in the midrange (particularly female voices). It could be only certain recordings, but was hoping some of you had some experience with some of these pieces and could shed some light on their respective sonic characteristics. Thanks in advance.

Mark Levinson 332 amp
Audio Research LS16 Mk 2 preamp
Sony SCD1 SACD player
B&W 802D speakers
Kimber "Hero" XLR connections
Kimber 8TC speaker wire
It's not the cables, it's the placement of the speakers within the room. Get that right before messing around with cables and components. See:
Unplug all RCA and power cables for 30 mins. This helps clean and degauss. Run your cables through a cable cooker for 1 week. Yes one week. Only after that my silver KCAG's mellowed. Also have you tried listening late at night. If the midrange harshness goes away then its an AC problem.