Hartvig TT signature vs TW Black Knight

Hi Everyone ,

I'm still hunting for my next turntable and above 2 tables are my top 2 choices left. I have heard the Hartvig TT signature with full upgrade options with battery supply for motor and copper platter upgrade last night at my friend's listening room. The Hartvig TT sig was using Phantom Supreme II 12" arm with DV xv1t cartridge , Goldmund Amp , and Tidal Speakers.

I was impressed with the very fine presentation of the HARTVIG and the super quiet and very very black background due to battery supply for the motor.The timing is top notch with a bit of correct warmness and resolution that is jaw dropping. The music is really alive in the listening room with no harsh or trace of fatigue in all frequencies.

I have not heard the black knight and can not decide to Hartvig without hearing or received any thoughts or comments for serious consideration for the difference of these 2 tables.

Your comments are very highly appreciated.
If you live near NYC take a trip to see Jeff Catalano the US distributor for TW. He has the BK there for you to hear.
As an owner of TW Raven Anniversary (nearly BN table) I would suggest to compare the weight/composition of the platter and the torque from the 3 synchro motors at TW.

Engineering for BN is a top-notch and surpasses the Hartwig by a margin. You should try to listen BN/Anniversary with Dyna cart for sure to make the conclusions.
Crossfire , thanks for your suggestion. Actually I started to look at Raven AC with 3 in 1 motor and sme 20.12 table which I have heard them both.

Then I heard the Hartvig which changes the game due to the approach of battery operated supply for motor which the motor can actually run while the battery pack is unplugged. Very black background comes out with rich natural tonal balance on all frequencies.

However I am worried on the battery life span. It may take 3-5 years say 3 years to be conservative and you need replacement.

I own the Raven with the new 3 motor single box configuration plus the BN motor controller which is battery operated. Very happy with it but remember that any of these tables only reach their performance peak when properly fitted out with an excellent platform and mechanical isolation devices.
there was a very interesting thread about TW products and their owners here in Agon some moths ago ago. An owner called DEV has wide experience with these products and writes about it.