Hartvig TT signature vs TW Black Knight

Hi Everyone ,

I'm still hunting for my next turntable and above 2 tables are my top 2 choices left. I have heard the Hartvig TT signature with full upgrade options with battery supply for motor and copper platter upgrade last night at my friend's listening room. The Hartvig TT sig was using Phantom Supreme II 12" arm with DV xv1t cartridge , Goldmund Amp , and Tidal Speakers.

I was impressed with the very fine presentation of the HARTVIG and the super quiet and very very black background due to battery supply for the motor.The timing is top notch with a bit of correct warmness and resolution that is jaw dropping. The music is really alive in the listening room with no harsh or trace of fatigue in all frequencies.

I have not heard the black knight and can not decide to Hartvig without hearing or received any thoughts or comments for serious consideration for the difference of these 2 tables.

Your comments are very highly appreciated.

I would also add to your super table list the Kronos.

The Kronos is a fantastic sounding table with a remarkable amount of novel technology. The Kronos uses a second lower deck with a counter rotating platter designed to cancel any vibrations induced by the primary drive system.

The Kronos was just written about by Harry Peasron who stated that the Kronos has elevated their reference system's level of playback quality over the $150,000.00 Clear Audio Table, and the Kronos costs $32,000.00 which is considerable less expensive than the Raven, the Kronos is compact and not super heavy so it fits on normal racks.
Dream, At this level of cost, fussiness, and audiophilia, the mere fact that the battery may last only 3 years should be the least of your concerns. How much could it cost to replace the battery, as against the cost of this or the other turntable, not to mention the cost of the tonearm and cartridge that go with either? IMO, a really well designed power supply that produces the DC voltage necessary to run the motor, which is presumably a DC type, gives away nothing to a battery source, in terms of "black background". Three motors in concert are going to put more "noise" into the platter than any good PS would. Of course, the operative word is "good".
JUST AN UPDATE -- i just finally got the TW Black Night. After series of tuning and set up of Mc Anna / SME V12 arm , it has finally settled perfectly.

Now , i can say that the BN hefty price tag is justified for its performance.

Superb in every way.

Cheeers !

Welcome to Raven users "club" ! reference and very musical turntables..
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