has any one owned a pair of Spica sc 30?

I just bought a pair at a second hand store 10 bucks

i have googled them and found very little info on them

just hoping to get some info were they almost as good

as the tc 50s? any willing to share their thoughts would be great!
BOuGHT a pair for my kid 3 years ago..reconed them sound better than i thought..he still uses them.put them on low stands...
Great speaker. They never sold very well, because of the cone tweeter (just not sexy) but they have a beautiful, full-bodied sound with pretty good clarity. They were a steal new, as I remember it.
They were one of the first speakers I ever heard that disappeared. Tonal quality was very good, too. However, they couldn't play loudly and were restricted at both frequency extremes. They were replaced with the TC50s about 1983.
They're good for a second system or a kid's room. The TC50s are considerably more refined and are imaging champs, if that's your cup o' tea.