Has anybody bought or heard a Chinese knock off amplifier?

There are a lot clones coming out of China and power amplifiers seem to be along for the ride.
Mark Levinson, Goldmund, and Accuphase are some of the big names I see replica’s being advertised for sale. These replica’s range in price from $500-$2000. My curiosity every time I see these always is do they even sound like the brand they are trying copy? Another thought that comes to my mind when I see them is, are they even safe or reliable. I myself wouldn’t touch one of these, but that’s me. Has anybody heard one? If so it would be interesting to hear some opinions regarding these amplifiers.
if you look at the way Chinese counterfeits are made and sold you will realise they are not meant to replace the real thing and are also not meant to fool a buyer. These are for people who want to fool other people into thinking they have the real thing
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I've read about these clones of high-end brands from the likes of FM Acoustics etc. from China on another forum 2 or 3 years ago. Apparently someone bought the clones and compared them to the original. It was reported that there is a difference in sound quality between the units but it is not significant and very close.

I don't think anyone here in their right mind will consider buying clones or counterfeit gear from China. Personally I don't buy anything Made in China for my hifi.
Currently listening to a Chinese Icepower amp - 50ASX2SE into Klipsch Forte speakers.  $160 shipped.  Arrived in about 2 weeks.  Very smooth tube-like sounding with nice bass and midrange.  

I paid $20 for a Chinese tube preamp and modded it to a cathode follower circuit.  Sounds great buffering my DAC and phono preamp.  

Was a time when anything made in Japan was considered a joke.  Not anymore and China is following the same path.  I own a Chinese made 5 string banjo which costs $1,000 now.  It holds it own against a 5K American made instrument.  

I would certainly advise caution when purchasing this Chinese stuff but my experience has been good.  

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asiaaudiosoc4 posts02-05-2021 4:10am
.......Back on topic, if you look at the way Chinese counterfeits are made and sold you will realise they are not meant to replace the real thing and are also not meant to fool a buyer.........
That might be true for some items, for others, the exact opposite is the case. There are multitudes of counterfeit Chinese goods on the market that have every last detail of the original, every marking, including the brand name. This extends to the packaging, as well. Ebay is full of items like this, the auctions/sellers are located in China.