Has anybody heard the new Audio Aero P5.4 chip?

My audio Aero Capitole Mark II came with the P4 chip that was released in an effort to resolve some problems that the AA had been experiencing with earlier releases.

I was very happy with the product.

I recently had a minor problem with the rear of the unit and I shipped it to Darryll at Digital Systems in Austin Texas. While he had it, the new P5.4 chip was installed and I have had the unit back for about ten days and last night it woke up in that it burned in and suddenly sounded even better than before.

This CD player, perhaps like many high-end Cd players
does not like to be moved around too much as they get bumped and things can happen. If, however, you do ship it to "the shop", I most highly recommend getting this newest chip as is really does sound better than before.

I am playing Pink Floyd's "The Wall" as I write this and i couldn't be happier.

Has anyone else gotten this chip?
I think I've read some other posts about that here on Audiogon. You might want to do a search of this forum, because I don't think the P5 software will work in P4 machines from last year.
(or call the distributor and ask, then let us know...)
Golden Ears is correct. I just talked to Daryl. There
is not suppose to be any sonic difference.