Has anybody heard the new RAYSONIC CD 138?

I see the replacement for the Raysonic cd 128 is now available. One of my favorites in the long list of players I have had. The new CD 138 seems to have a different transport, a little better DAC tand a slide cover instead of the disc. Just curious if anyone has heard one.

I have heard some of the other tube players recently and still prefer the cd 128.
I went to the Raysonic room at the Guangzhou Hifi fair in December and I can't be sure now if it was the 138 or the 238 I heard but it was nice. They had the 228 which is a two piece unit that I enjoyed even more. I almost bought it. I ended up buying the Esound Reference Platinum instead. I already have a tube integrated that I can't keep my fingers out of so I thought a solid state CD player would be better for me. The Raysonic was one of my favorite rooms at the show and I don't think you will be disappointed.
Very surprised at the amount of press for the original 128
and hardly a word about the 138.

May take time.
Klaudio, my opinion is the reason the Raysonic 138 is not getting the fanfare of the 128 is because the 128 was Raysonic's foray into digital and set the pace for things to come.
Good point..........Just curious if anyone has heard one.
I believe they changed transport companies.

Just surprised because I do believe the original 128 is
pretty darn reliable.
You're right, I can barely remember anything but a minor glitch in the years I had one.
Just to add.........it appears the tube output is for the RCA's only and the XLR output is solid state. A dealer informed me of this. I wondered why there were only two tubes. Curious if anyone else heard this.
* About the USB input, we will add it in the future. All our CD players have different design concepts and use different materials. The CD128 can read HDCD, the CD138 uses the CS4398 DAC and only its RCA output runs through the tube buffer while the balanced output uses transistors.

I copied that from the 6moons review of the CD228
Through my experience with cd players and quite a few
cd player transactions on this site, I think they REALLY
should have made it so the balanced portion ran
through the tube section. I know people argue the difference between balanced and unbalanced, but I do find them to be "quiter".