Has anybody tried the Reed 3P?

I own the Reed 2A and have the 'Magnetic Reed' on lone which I can buy. But I am also curious about the 3P as a possible next one.

Dear Jfrech, For my other tonearms ( the Triplanar and the
Reed 2A are 'fastened' to my Kuzma S.R) I always buy headshells with azimuth adjustment. One never knows in advance how the stylus of some cart is glued or fastened to the cantilever. The cantilevers are also not always as
they should be. So the azimuth provision is a kind of precaution in my opinion.

Vidmantas informed me that my 'reading' of his azimuth construction is correct. His intention was to make 'fine tuning' by ear possible for all parameters. However by
looking at the pictures of the 3P I discovered that not all headshells are 'equal'. Only the 'cart holders' which are fastened to the armwand by the (long) screw are exchangible. Because the azimuth provision on the headshell is optional there are also 3P's with 'one piece' headshell (the other is 'composed' from 3 parts). One should pay attention to this fact when ordering and mention if he wants exchangible kind.

Nandric, Yes after closer examination it's just one screw that holds the headshell on. It appears that the azimuth adjustment screw is in a channel that just slides off after removing the horizontal screw.

Good to know that the azimuth adjustment at the headshell is an option on the 3P. I'm not that worried about it myself though.


Not yet. I did double check to make sure it was actually ordered and indeed it was. Production seems to take a while. I have a Mint tractor specially made for the 12" version ready to go. It seems like orderring any specialty audio product requires a great deal of patience. Still waiting on an Audio Desk cleaner to become available as well. I think both should be worth the wait.