Has anybody tried the Reed 3P?

I own the Reed 2A and have the 'Magnetic Reed' on lone which I can buy. But I am also curious about the 3P as a possible next one.

Not yet. I did double check to make sure it was actually ordered and indeed it was. Production seems to take a while. I have a Mint tractor specially made for the 12" version ready to go. It seems like orderring any specialty audio product requires a great deal of patience. Still waiting on an Audio Desk cleaner to become available as well. I think both should be worth the wait.
I saw one at my local dealer. Looks great but have not had a chance to listen to it carefully yet. A friend has one on order as well. Recently I mounted Graham 12 inch on my TW Raven AC-1 and wondered if I should have order 3P instead. At least for my taste, I prefer my 3Q with Air Tight PC-1 Supreme over Graham/Air Tight by quite a bit but I only have Graham installed about 2 weeks ago and the phono cable is new as well so hopefully Graham will continue to improve over the next few months.
Sonofjim, Vidmantas is actually 'one man company'. So each
tonarm is hand made by him. The only helpt he gets is from his daughter in law who answers the e-mails and helps with accounts. Deed anybody try a second headshell btw? I am waiting for my for two months now. BTW Yip from Mint tractor should be back from vacation at 28-7-12.
Whether he is a 1 man operation. Or not I think he is pretty efficiency. Bought mine 2P about 2 years ago and recently accidentally damaged thr arm lift & without hesitation he sent me 2 arm lift ( not 2 happy with the 1st replacement ) and he responded promptly without hesitation . 1st class service & very helpful to answer enquiries